Summer Student Safety

By Bob Colichio

The following is a list of basic, safe laboratory practices which are expected of all students.
(Many of these are common sense rules)

  • Eye protection (minimum: safety glasses with side shields) must be worn at all times in the laboratory when hazards are present.
  • Students should wear durable clothing that covers the arms, legs, torso and feet. (note: sandals, shorts, tank-tops etc. have no place in the lab. (Students inappropriately dressed for lab, will be denied access)
  • To protect clothing from chemical damage, wear a lab coat. Long hair should be tied back to keep it from coming into contact with lab chemicals or flames.
  • An open flame may be ignited only when no flammable solvents are in the vicinity. The person lighting the flame must check with students in the vicinity to see if they are working with flammable solvents.
  • In case of injury (cut, burn, fire etc.) notify the PI immediately and report to the Occupational Medicine Clinic.
  • In case of a fire or imminently dangerous situation, call 911 or Extension 2222 immediately.
    Know the location and operation of:
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Safety showers and Eye Wash Stations
    • Fire Alarm Boxes
    • Exit Doors
    • Telephones
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the laboratory at all times
  • Never work in the laboratory without proper supervision by an instructor.
  • Never carry out unauthorized experiments. Come to the laboratory prepared. If you are unsure about what to do, please ask the PI.
  • Supervisors should ensure all training is complete and review the ESR and focus on the hazards and controls for the work the students will do.
  • Students should not be working in laboratories off hours unsupervised.


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