Contact List

When Outside the Laboratory:
Precede Phone numbers with 631 344-xxxx

Description Name Email Ext
 Division Manager M. Pena 7759
Security Operations Manager L. Butera 4691
Police Chief S. Mc Cune

Police Group Police Supervisors Police 2235
Senior Administrative Assistant M. Markstaller 2280
Personnel and Information Security Group C. Mauro
V. Feldman
S. Krsnak


Visitor Notifications M. Rando 4720
Badging Office V. Feldman
S. Krsnak
A. Wund
C. Mauro  8711
Foreign Visits and Assignments K. Walker 7105
OPSEC Coordinator L. Butera 4691
Crime Prevention L. Butera 4691
Integrated Safeguards & Security Management M. Delph 4968
Security Systems L. Figueroa
M. Ojeda

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