Public Documents

Nb3Sn Strand Evaluation

New Test Barrel Pictures (4/21/03)

Sample Transfer Pictures (5/21/03)

Barrel and Sample Pictures (6/10/03)

ITER and BNL Barrel Pictures (6/13/03)


GSI Magnet Project - Pictures

Stainless Steel Foil SEM Images (10/24/02)

GSI Yoke End Block(10/24/02)

GSI Coil (11/26/02)

GSI Yoke End Block with Putty (12/2/02)

GSI Magnet in Shell Welding Press (12/11/02)

GSI Magnet with Reed Valves and End Plate Welding Fixture  (12/12/02)

GSI Magnet with End Plates  (12/13/02)


GSI Magnet Interstrand Resistance - Publication(s)

(Adobe Acrobat reader required - get it here)

ASC 02 Paper

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LBL Supercon Group

Applied Superconductivity Center: UW-Madison

UW-ASC Master Jc Plot


Collection of Magnet Formulas

Online Unit Conversion

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