NSRL Data Library for Run 10C


This is the data repository for transferring data files out of NSRL.  It is organized by Run, Ion Species, Energy and Date.

For help in downloading this information, contact the NSRL Liaison Physicist. 

Ion Species Energy Date Beam Condition File File Type
H 100, 250, 1000 5 October 2010 Square beam, 20x20, ~40 ions/spil, reading out the 2 proton scintillators, 1cm^2 and 2cm^2, as well as the Mama EGG counter. eddie_05_10_2010.dat ascii
Fe 500,
6 October 2010 Square beam, 20x20, ~40 ions/spill, reading out 1 scintillator, 1 cm^2 and the Mama EGG counter eddie_06_10_2010.dat ascii
O 1000 8 October 2010 Square beam, 20x20, 100 ions/spill, reading out the 1 cm^2 scintillator buddy_1000MeV_Oxygen.txt ascii

 Each file begins with some header information, identifying the input to each of the columns.

The event record looks llike this:

Word Number 1 2 3 4


Date/Time Scaler Date/Time Scaler
Description 10/06/2010 10:38:03 Integer  10/06/2010 10:38:03 Integer

Some of the data files contain only a single pair of readings, some have two pair, and some have three.


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