NSRL Data Library for Run 11A

This is the data repository for transferring data files out of NSRL.  The file remi.tar.gz contains all of the run files taken by the Borak group during the NSRL Run 11A.  This includes the 150 MeV Proton running taken on 29 April 2011, and the 1000 MeV/n Fe running on 2 May 2011.

For help in downloading this information, contact the NSRL Liaison Physicist.

When unzipped, each file begins with some header information, identifying the input to each of the columns.  In most cases the first column is the spill number, with a random offset.  It should increment by one unit for every 4 second beam spill.  The spill counter word is usually followed by several 12-bit QDC words (0-4095), some 12-bit TDC words (0-4095), and ending with 2 UNIX clock words, (coarse time, fine time).

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