NSRL Data Library for Run 14A

 This is the data repository for transferring data files out of NSRL. 

The following images were obtained when placing the Orion Starshoot G3 Camera in the NSRL beam with 5.2 second exposures.

The camera was exposed to beams of protons, Silicon and Iron ions so far.  There are stored images of the following ions and energies

Iron Ions - 1000 MeV/n

Iron Ions - 350 MeV/n

Silicon Ions - 300 MeV/n

Silicon Ions - 1000 MeV/n

Hydrogen Ions - 150 MeV


The camera was oriented in the beam so that it could be rotated with respect to the incident beam angle.  Some exposure series were taken with the camera CCD in the horizontal plane and rotated so that the beam traveled along the rows, columns, and diagonals of the CCD pixels.  For other exposures, the CCD was oriented in the vertical plane, and rotated so that the beam struck the CCD at normal incidence, grazing incidence and angles in between.  Note: in the 1000 MeV/n Si ion series of images, the files are named to indicate the orientation: i.e. Si1000_1_nn the _1_ indicates normal incidence, and a _2_ indicates grazing incidence.

The files are in FIT format, and can be read using the public software DS9 (Download at http://ds9.si.edu/site/Home.html) or ImageJ (http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/download.html).  For ease of viewing, the FIT files have been converted to PNG format.  They are grouped by ion species, and energy.

Iron Ion Tracks - 1000 MeV/n

Ion Species Kinetic Energy (MeV/n) FIT File PNG File
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_1.fit Fe_1000_90_1.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_2.fit Fe_1000_90_2.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_3.fit Fe_1000_90_3.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_4.fit Fe_1000_90_4.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_5.fit Fe_1000_90_5.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_6.fit Fe_1000_90_6.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_7.fit Fe_1000_90_7.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_8.fit Fe_1000_90_8.png
Iron 1000 Fe_1000_90_9.fit Fe_1000_90_9.png

Iron Ion Tracks - 350 MeV/n

Ion Species Kinetic Energy (MeV/n) FIT File PNG File
Iron 350 Fe350_568L5.fit Fe350_568L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_569L5.fit Fe350_569L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_570L5.fit Fe350_570L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_571L5.fit Fe350_571L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_572L5.fit Fe350_572L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_575L5.fit Fe350_575L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_576L5.fit Fe350_576L5.png
Iron 350 Fe350_577L5.fit Fe350_577L5.png

Silicon Ion Tracks - 300 MeV/n
Ion Species Kinetic Energy (MeV/n) FIT File PNG File
Silicon 300 Si100L5.fit Si300_100L5.png
Silicon 300 Si101L5.fit Si300_101L5.png
Silicon 300 Si102L5.fit Si300_102L5.png
Silicon 300 Si103L5.fit Si300_103L5.png
Silicon 300 Si104L5.fit Si300_104L5.png
Silicon 300 Si105L5.fit Si300_105L5.png
Silicon 300 Si106L5.fit Si300_106L5.png
Silicon 300 Si108L5.fit Si300_108L5.png
Silicon 300 Si109L5.fit Si300_109L5.png
Silicon 300 Si119L5.fit Si300_119L5.png
Silicon 300 Si120L5.fit Si300_120L5.png
Silicon 300 Si121L5.fit Si300_121L5.png
Silicon 300 Si122L5.fit Si300_122L5.png
Silicon 300 Si123L5.fit Si300_123L5.png
Silicon 300 Si124L5.fit Si300_124L5.png
Silicon 300 Si125L5.fit Si300_125L5.png
Silicon 300 Si126L5.fit Si300_126L5.png
Silicon 300 Si127L5.fit Si300_127L5.png
Silicon 300 Si128L5.fit Si300_128L5.png
Silicon 300 Si58L5.fit Si300_58L5.png
Silicon 300 Si59L5.fit Si300_59L5.png
Silicon 300 Si60L5.fit Si300_60L5.png
Silicon 300 Si61L5.fit Si300_61L5.png
Silicon 300 Si62L5.fit Si300_62L5.png
Silicon 300 Si63L5.fit Si300_63L5.png
Silicon 300 Si64L5.fit Si300_64L5.png
Silicon 300 Si65L5.fit Si300_65L5.png
Silicon 300 Si66L5.fit Si300_66L5.png
Silicon 300 Si67L5.fit Si300_67L5.png
Silicon 300 Si68L5.fit Si300_68L5.png
Silicon 300 Si69L5.fit Si300_69L5.png
Silicon 300 Si70L5.fit Si300_70L5.png
Silicon 300 Si71L5.fit Si300_71L5.png
Silicon 300 Si72L5.fit Si300_72L5.png
Silicon 300 Si73L5.fit Si300_73L5.png
Silicon 300 Si74L5.fit Si300_74L5.png
Silicon 300 Si75L5.fit Si300_75L5.png
Silicon 300 Si76L5.fit Si300_76L5.png
Silicon 300 Si77L5.fit Si300_77L5.png
Silicon 300 Si78L5.fit Si300_78L5.png
Silicon 300 Si79L5.fit Si300_79L5.png
Silicon 300 Si80L5.fit Si300_80L5.png
Silicon 300 Si81L5.fit Si300_81L5.png
Silicon 300 Si82L5.fit Si300_82L5.png
Silicon 300 Si83L5.fit Si300_83L5.png
Silicon 300 Si84L5.fit Si300_84L5.png
Silicon 300 Si85L5.fit Si300_85L5.png
Silicon 300 Si86L5.fit Si300_86L5.png
Silicon 300 Si87L5.fit Si300_87L5.png
Silicon 300 Si88L5.fit Si300_88L5.png
Silicon 300 Si89L5.fit Si300_89L5.png
Silicon 300 Si90L5.fit Si300_90L5.png
Silicon 300 Si91L5.fit Si300_91L5.png
Silicon 300 Si92L5.fit Si300_92L5.png
Silicon 300 Si93L5.fit Si300_93L5.png
Silicon 300 Si94L5.fit Si300_94L5.png
Silicon 300 Si95L5.fit Si300_95L5.png
Silicon 300 Si96L5.fit Si300_96L5.png
Silicon 300 Si97L5.fit Si300_97L5.png
Silicon 300 Si98L5.fit Si300_98L5.png
Silicon 300 Si99L5.fit Si300_99L5.png

Silicon Ion Tracks - 1000 MeV/n
Ion Species Kinetic Energy (MeV/n) FIT File PNG File
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_74L5.fit Si1000_1_74L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_75L5.fit Si1000_1_75L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_76L5.fit Si1000_1_76L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_77L5.fit Si1000_1_77L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_78L5.fit Si1000_1_78L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_79L5.fit Si1000_1_79L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_80L5.fit Si1000_1_80L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_81L5.fit Si1000_1_81L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_82L5.fit Si1000_1_82L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_83L5.fit Si1000_1_83L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_84L5.fit Si1000_1_84L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_85L5.fit Si1000_1_85L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_86L5.fit Si1000_1_86L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_87L5.fit Si1000_1_87L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_88L5.fit Si1000_1_88L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_89L5.fit Si1000_1_89L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_90L5.fit Si1000_1_90L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_91L5.fit Si1000_1_91L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_92L5.fit Si1000_1_92L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_93L5.fit Si1000_1_93L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_94L5.fit Si1000_1_94L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_95L5.fit Si1000_1_95L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_96L5.fit Si1000_1_96L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_97L5.fit Si1000_1_97L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_1_98L5.fit Si1000_1_98L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_28L5.fit Si1000_2_28L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_29L5.fit Si1000_2_29L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_30L5.fit Si1000_2_30L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_31L5.fit Si1000_2_31L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_35L5.fit Si1000_2_35L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_36L5.fit Si1000_2_36L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_37L5.fit Si1000_2_37L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_38L5.fit Si1000_2_38L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_39L5.fit Si1000_2_39L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_40L5.fit Si1000_2_40L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_41L5.fit Si1000_2_41L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_42L5.fit Si1000_2_42L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_43L5.fit Si1000_2_43L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_44L5.fit Si1000_2_44L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_45L5.fit Si1000_2_45L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_46L5.fit Si1000_2_46L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_47L5.fit Si1000_2_47L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_48L5.fit Si1000_2_48L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_49L5.fit Si1000_2_49L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_50L5.fit Si1000_2_50L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_51L5.fit Si1000_2_51L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_52L5.fit Si1000_2_52L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_53L5.fit Si1000_2_53L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_54L5.fit Si1000_2_54L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_55L5.fit Si1000_2_55L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_56L5.fit Si1000_2_56L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_57L5.fit Si1000_2_57L5.png
Silicon 1000 Si1000_2_58L5.fit Si1000_2_58L5.png

Hydrogen Ion Tracks - 150 MeV

Ion Species Kinetic Energy (MeV/n) FIT File PNG File
Hydrogen 150 H_1501L5.fit H150_1.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1502L5.fit H150_2.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1503L5.fit H150_3.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1504L5.fit H150_4.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1505L5.fit H150_5.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1506L5.fit H150_6.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1507L5.fit H150_7.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1508L5.fit H150_8.png
Hydrogen 150 H_1509L5.fit H150_9.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15010L5.fit H150_10.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15011L5.fit H150_11.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15012L5.fit H150_12.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15013L5.fit H150_13.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15014L5.fit H150_14.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15015L5.fit H150_15.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15016L5.fit H150_16.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15017L5.fit H150_17.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15018L5.fit H150_18.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15019L5.fit H150_19.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15020L5.fit H150_20.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15021L5.fit H150_21.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15022L5.fit H150_22.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15023L5.fit H150_23.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15024L5.fit H150_24.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15025L5.fit H150_25.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15026L5.fit H150_26.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15027L5.fit H150_27.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15028L5.fit H150_28.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15029L5.fit H150_29.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15030L5.fit H150_30.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15031L5.fit H150_31.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15032L5.fit H150_32.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15033L5.fit H150_33.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15034L5.fit H150_34.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15035L5.fit H150_35.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15036L5.fit H150_36.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15037L5.fit H150_37.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15038L5.fit H150_38.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15039L5.fit H150_39.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15040L5.fit H150_40.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15041L5.fit H150_41.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15042L5.fit H150_42.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15043L5.fit H150_43.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15044L5.fit H150_44.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15045L5.fit H150_45.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15046L5.fit H150_46.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15047L5.fit H150_47.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15048L5.fit H150_48.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15049L5.fit H150_49.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15050L5.fit H150_50.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15051L5.fit H150_51.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15052L5.fit H150_52.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15053L5.fit H150_53.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15054L5.fit H150_54.png
Hydrogen 150 H_15055L5.fit H150_55.png

For help in downloading this information, contact the NSRL Liaison Physicist 631-344-3072.

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