The NSRL Facility and Target Room:

Users coming to the NSRL facility will need to have their BNL ID cards and their required NSRL training in order to gain access to the building.  A card reader will unlock the main entrance door after the user scans their ID card.  Since the facility is a biological laboratory, users must wear shoe coverings (provided) or bring clean indoor-only shoes with them to wear inside the facility.  There is a conference room/lunch room at the entrance.  Three cell rooms complete with incubators and fume hoods are to the right side of the facility.  Two animal staging rooms are to the left.  Both sets of labs are locked and require training and authorization for entry.  A physics lab on the left is open to users and does not require training for access.  Straight ahead lies the dosimetry control room, also open access. 


Access to the target room is through the Access Control System (Iris scanner and Key Tree, monitored by operators in the Main Control Room (MCR) via video camera) and the labyrinth. 


The target room is 20 feet by 20 feet. 

There are a set of rails that run parallel to the beam, but 13" below beam center.  A drawing of the rail system can be found here.





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