Sample Holder Layout:

NSRL maintains a wide variety of sample holders ready for users to mount standard sample containers in.  This includes holders for four T75 flasks, six T25 flasks, and several arrangements for small test tubes.  If you cannot make use of the existing sample holders, then NSRL staff can fabricate a custom sample holder to fit your needs.  Most sample holders are carved out of low-mass polyethylene foam shown in the photographs below using a hot-wire cutter.  This foam produces minimal scatter and fragmentation of the incoming heavy ion beam.  It is sized for easy fitting into the sample flipper.  If the sample holder you need is not already available, we can usually make up a custom holder for you on short notice.

Figure 1 shows the Hot Wire Foam Cutter.

Figure 2: Two T75 flask in foam.

Figure 3: Six T25 flask in foam.

Figure 4: Custom flask holder in foam.


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