Physics Conference Rooms

Conference Calendars can only be viewed while on-site or through a VPN connection when off-site.

Conference Room Reservations - For reservations, call or email Leesa Allen at x2700, or Fran Capasso at x4901,

Conference Room Capacity CISCO Phone Spkr Phone Projector Power Wireless
Large Seminar Room* 150 x7070 x7070 Yes Yes Yes
Seminar Lounge 150 x4721 --- --- --- Yes
Small Seminar Room* 50 x5258 --- Yes No Yes
Orange Room (1-39A)* 20 x3364 x7067 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-160* 40 x3609 x7074 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-78 20 x2941 x2832 No Yes Yes
Conference Room 2-95 20 x6393 x7809 Yes Yes Yes
Conference Room 3-192* 40 x5986 x7938 Yes No Yes
All extensions shown above are prefaced by (631) 344-xxxx.

Projector: Permanent projector available for connection to a laptop.
Power: Power outlets on the underside of the conference table.
Wireless: "Corus" wireless network available in room.

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Last Modified: April 29, 2014