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Coherent Soft X-Ray Scattering-1 (CSX-1)

Scientific Scope

The Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering beamline (CSX-1) is a canted undulator beamline at sector 23-ID providing coherent soft x-ray scattering and imaging with world-leading high-coherent flux and detectors for probing correlated electronic textures and dynamics. Endstation instrumentation allows experiments using X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS), scanning diffraction microscopy, and coherent diffraction imaging.

Beamline Description

Energy Range Wavelength Range Resolution Flux Focused Beam Size
270 - 2000 eV 6.2 - 45 Å ΔE/E ~ 5x10-3 ≈ 1013 p/s 20 μm (50 nm with zone plate)

The CSX beamlines (CSX-1 and CSX-2) are served by two identical EPU49 sources. These EPUs serve the beamlines in three possible modes. 1) Both undulators in-line serving the CSX-1 branch to provide the highest coherent flux. 2) canted serving the CSX-2 branch to enable fast switching of two polarization states and 3) canted to allow simultaneous use of both branches. 

Beamline Schematic

beamline schematic