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Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe (HXN)

Scientific Scope

The Hard X-ray Nanoprobe (HXN) is an undulator beamline at sector 3-ID providing structural and X-ray fluorescence imaging with world-leading spatial resolution. The scientific mission of the beamline is to enable hard X-ray imaging of structure, elements, strain and chemical states with spatial resolutions ranging from 10 to 30 nm with an ultimate goal of ~1 nm. 

Beamline Description

Energy Range Wavelength Range Resolution Flux Focused Beam Size
6 - 25 KeV 2.07-0.50 Å ΔE/E ~ 10-4 ≈ 5 x 108  p/s (@10keV) 1-10 nm (MLL), ~30 nm (ZP) 

The scanning X-ray microscope for the HXN beamline provides ultra-high stability microscopy capabilities using multilayer Laue lenses (MLL) or x-ray zone plates (ZP) as nanofocusing optics. The beamline is designed to minimize all possible sources of vibration and thermal drift. The conceptual design of the HXN beamline is optimized with the physical boundary conditions required to construct a satellite building physically isolated from the potential noise sources from the NSLS-II storage ring, experimental hall, and the adjacent lab-office building. This stability is needed to produce the ultimate goal of a 1 nm spot size.

Beamline Schematic

beamline schematic