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Inelastic X-Ray Scattering

Scientific Scope

Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS) is an undulator beamline at sector 10-ID providing world-leading IXS capability with sub-meV to 0.1 meV resolution at 9.1 keV.  The key instrument at IXS is a novel spectrometer based on a highly-dispersing back-reflection optical system on a 5m scattering arm that covers a wide range of momentum transfer, enabling studies of low-energy excitations from nanoscale heterogeneities and disorders.

The setup of this novel spectrometer will benefit many areas of research, including:

  • Relaxation dynamics, sound propagation and transport properties in disordered systems such as glasses, fluids, polymers, etc.
  • Collective dynamics of lipid membranes and other biological systems
  • Dynamical studies on confined systems
  • Phonon propagating through nm-spaced programmable arrays of nanoparticles

Beamline Description

Energy Range Wavelength Range Resolution Flux Focused Beam Size
9.13 KeV   0.1 - 1 meV ≈ 1 x 1010  p/s 5 μm x 7 μm

The baseline design of the beamline includes a compound refractive lens to pre-focus and a double crystal high heat load monochromator to pre-monochromatize the beam before it is delivered to the high-resolution monochromator based on a four bounces scheme. The monochromatic beam is then focused by a set of KB mirrors to the sample. A multilayer double (horizontal and vertical) collimating mirror, mounted on the spectrometer arm, allows collecting the beam scattered by the sample with a large angular acceptance and delivers a beam within a divergence low enough to be accepted by the CDW analyzer system based on asymmetric dispersive crystal optics. The analyzed radiation is finally recorded by a strip detector. In the mature phase, the high-resolution monochromator will be replaced with the CDDW design, whereas for the analyzer optics, a channel cut crystal will be added after the CDW analyzer to achieve the ultimate 0.1 meV resolution.

Beamline Schematic

beamline schematic