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CSX: Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering and polarization

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 Scientific Scope

The Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering and Polarization (CSX) beamline design (source and optics) has been optimized to the NSLS-II parameters to provide the highest possible flux for experiments requiring either high coherence or full control of the polarization.

Beamline Description

The CSX beamline will be served by two identical EPU49 sources. Both EPUs are planned to operate in a canted geometry with opposite circular polarization for fast polarization switching experiments at the full polarization control (PC) branch. The EPUs will also be able to operate “phased” as a single device for high coherent flux experiments at the high coherent flux (HCF) branch. A third operation mode is planned where both branches are served simultaneously by one EPU.