RIKEN BNL Research Center Workshop - Jet Correlations at RHIC Agenda

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Thursday, March 10


8:30-9:00        Registration, Bldg. 911A Lobby, Snyder Seminar Room

Morning Session - Session Chair, Brian Cole - Columbia

9:00-9:45         Carl Gagliardi, Texas A&M ~ High-pT Results from STAR  
9:45-10:30       Jiangyong Jia, Columbia ~ Overview of Jet Measurement in PHENIX
10:30-11:00     Coffee Break
11:00-11:35     Paul Stankus, ORNL ~ Measuring Jet-Induced Correlated Hadron Pairs
11:35-12:10     Fuqiang Wang, Purdue ~ Distributions of Charged Hadrons Associated with High pt Particles
12:10-12:45     Ivan Vitev, LANL ~ Large Angle Hadron Correlations from Medium-Induced Gluon Radiation
12:45-2:00       LUNCH

Afternoon Session - Session Chair, Mike Tannenbaum - BNL

2:00-2:35        Jan Rak, UNM ~ j_T, k_T and Fragmentation Functions in p+p
2:35-3:10        Jana Bielcikova, Yale ~ High-pT Correlations in d+Au Collisions at RHIC
3:10-3:45        Nathan Grau, Iowa State ~ Jet Structure from Di-Hadron Correlations in d+Au Collisions
3:45-4:15        Coffee Break
4:15-4:50        Carlos Salgado, CERN ~ Jet Studies in Heavy Ion Collisions
4:50-5:25        Abhijit Majumder, LBNL ~ The Medium Modification of Two Hadron Correlations
5:25-6:00        Jorge Casalderra Solana, USB ~ Conical Flow Induced by QCD Jets
6:00-6:35        Adrian Dumitru, Univ. of Frankfurt ~ Jet Induced Mach Shock Waves
6:45                RECEPTION @ Berkner Hall Lobby

Friday, March 11

Morning Session - Session Chair, Tim Hallman - BNL

9:00-9:35        Barbara Jacak, USB ~ Jet Correlations with Identified Mesons and Baryons
9:35-10:10      Ying Guo, Wayne State Univ. ~ Identified Particle Correlations at Intermediate pT Range
10:10-10:45    Zhangbu Xu, BNL ~ Identified high-pt Spectra and Open Charm from STAR
10:45-11:15    Coffee Break
11:15-11:50    Wolf Holtzman, USB ~ Decomposition of Flow and Jet Correlations 
11:50-12:25    Sergey Voloshin, WSU ~ High pT two-particle Correlations:  "Background" Issues
12:25-1:00      Denes Molnar, OSU ~ High-pT Correlations from Parton Transport Theory
1:00-2:00        LUNCH

Afternoon Session - Session Chair, Miklos Gyulassy - Columbia

2:00-2:35       Rainer Fries, Minnesota ~ Recombination and Hadron Correlations
2:35-3:10       Rudy Hwa, Oregon ~ Parton and Hadron Correlations in Jets
3:10-3:40       Coffee Break
3:40-4:15       Andreas Morsch, CERN ~ Jet Physics in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC
4:15-4:50       John Harris, Yale ~ What Can Intra-Jet, Di-Jet, and Photo-Jet Correlations Tell Us at RHIC II?
4:50-5:35       Xin-Nian Wang, LBNL ~ Summary & Outlook
5:35               Adjourn

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