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Proceedings Information for Speakers

All speakers are to submit one cover page and 4-5 select pages of their talk to be assembled in the RBRC Proceedings Volume.  

  • This one cover page and 4-5 additional pages should be submitted prior to or during the workshop to your Event Coordinator for your Conference or Workshop.
  • A pdf, PowerPoint, or postscript file is requested. No color please.
  • A hard copy may also be handed in during the two workshop days.
  • Please be aware that the entire talk will not be published in the proceedings.  
  • Be sure to submit only a total of 5-6 pages, including the cover page, for the proceedings.

Your cooperation is appreciated for timely publication of the proceedings after the workshop. An email copy of the entire talk can be submitted to one of the Event Coordinators for posting to the web.  

Any questions contact one of the Event Coordinators for your Conference or Workshop.



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Last Modified: May 8, 2008