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KOPIO Experiment  Who's Who

Douglas Bryman
J.B. Warren Chair,
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, UBC
Bryman is a leading international expert in the study of rare particle decays. He initiated and led several major particle physics experiments including KOPIO. He has extensive experience in the development of advanced detector technologies and received a patent in 2000 for his invention of a new type of gamma ray imaging device. He is currently a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Nuclear Instruments and Methods (North Holland), the Research Committee of the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland), and the Canada Research Chairs College of Reviewers. He has served on numerous national and international advisory panels including the Detector R&D Committee of the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) and the U.S. Nuclear Science Advisory Panel. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society.

Laurence Littenberg
Senior Physicist,
Head of BNL Physics Department Electronic Detector Group
Littenberg is a world expert on K meson decay physics. He is the co-discoverer of several new rare modes of K meson decay and of new effects in previously known modes. He has written a number of review papers on the subject including the one in the Review of Particle Physics. He is co-spokesman of BNL AGS Experiment 787, which first observed the important decay mode and KOPIO. He wrote the highly cited paper pointing out that the latter process is the cleanest possible window into the phenomenon of CP violation. He has also done theoretical work on K decay and in the area of supersymmetric phenomenology. He has served on a number of national panels including the U.S. Department of Energy's High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a recipient of the Brookhaven Science and Technology Award.

Michael Marx
Professor of Physics at Stony Brook University,
KOPIO Project Director
Marx is one of the leading experts in the development and implementation of large-scale detectors for high energy and relativistic heavy ion physics. He co-initiated the D0 experiment that found the top quark at Fermilab; conceived and led the EMPACT proposal and then headed the GEM physics group at the ill-fated SSC; and was Deputy Project Director for the PHENIX experiment at the new RHIC facility at BNL. He has served on numerous national and international advisory and review panels, including most recently the NSERC expert panel reviewing the Canadian Atlas effort.

Michael Zeller
Henry Ford II Professor of Physics,
Yale University

Zeller is an international expert in experimental particle physics who has been the spokesman for a series of experiments examining rare decay modes of the K meson. He is co-spokesman of the KOPIO experiment and principal investigator for a National Science Foundation grant to perform the R&D. He has been the chairman of the Division of Particle and Fields of the American Physical Society, and is a member of the C-11 commission representing the U.S. to the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. He has served on many national committees including HEPAP and advisory committees to U.S. national laboratories. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society.




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