Urban Atmospheric Observatory

Instrumentation Network Verification Facility - New York City

A Center for the Development and Evaluation
of Response Software and Instrumentation

The Concept:

Choose one or more succinct areas in the metropolitan area and establish a permanent and complete measurement capability. The UAO would be similar to the DOE/ARM program in concept (


The UAO would be crucial for:
  • Model evaluation (Are they correct?)
  • Climate change (Risk and Mitigation)
  • Evaluation of Emergency Management Plans
  • Development of  Terrorist Interdiction tools
  • Intensive Operational Periods where many instruments and computational techniques would be evaluated.

  • Huber, et al., 2001, Development and applications of CFD in support of air quality studies of roadway and building microenvironments, 94th A&WMA Annual Conference.

    UAO First Workshop:

    The UAO First Workshop was held in New York City, January 27-28, 2003.

    For additional information, contact

    R. Michael Reynolds

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