Celebrating the '(Really) Big 6-0'

Hundreds of BNL employees gathered on May 1, 2007 on the field south of Police Headquarters to form a giant "BNL 60" in honor of Brookhaven National Lab's 60th anniversary. The living logo was photographed and videotaped by Roger Stoutenburgh and Michael Herbert from atop the 100-foot water tower overlooking the field.

The Big 6-0

A total of 680 people participated in the photograph (165 in the B, 132 in the N, 112 in the L, 132 in the 6, and 139 in the 0).  Download a high-resolution version of the "BNL 60" photo here.

The event took place on the same spot where the big "BNL 50" was formed 10 years ago (photo at right), and the outline of that formation is clearly visible on the recorded video. The historic occasion was organized by Marsha Belford of the Community Relations Office, with the assistance of the Lab's grounds crews, and water treatment engineers in Plant Engineering, among others.  Fire and Rescue personnel were on hand, and BNL police helped with parking, traffic and general crowd control.  Media & Communications staff handed out T-shirts to participants following the event.  See photos from the event.


Photographers Roger Stoutenburgh and Michael Herbert climbed the BNL water tower to capture the event.

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Pictures and movies

Many more photos and video from this event are available here.

Red Shirts

10 Years Ago: the Big 50

In 1997, the photo below was carried on the front page of the Lab's newspaper, the Bulletin.

Lab employee Morris Strongson, who stood in the 'L' in the photo above and who stood in the numeral '6' in the new photo, was observed holding that same 1997 edition of the Bulletin!