'Brookhaven Faces'

Sixty Years of Discovery, 1947-2007

Faces coverThis magazine contains hundreds of photos of past and present employees and Lab partners. It also features a selection of "Then and Now" stories published in The Bulletin this year.  

Employees who would like additional print copies of the magazine can see Gloria Bennett in Building 400C, or call Ext. 2345.
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A committee of employees from across the Lab helped select the photos for Brookhaven Faces. They are:

Gloria Bennett
Wayne Boyd
Kay Cordtz
Lisa Jansson
Claudia Jones
Terry Jones
Jane Koropsak

Elaine Lowenstein
Rick Morales
Rosa E. Palmore
Mona S. Rowe
Joseph Rubino
Gary Schroeder
Liz Seubert

Roger Stoutenburgh
Susan E. Wong

Editor: Kay Cordtz
Photo Editor: Jane Koropsak