General Lab Information

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  • There are no announcements at this time.

We are in Phase 2 of the Resumption of Operations Plan

Phase 1

Continuation of Essential Mission Critical Operations and beginning of Limited Operation

Phase 2

Expansion of Limited Operations

Phase 3

Normal Operations, with Maximum Telework

The Laboratory remains in Phase 2, "Expansion of Limited Operations," of its Resumption of Operations Plan.

The Laboratory expects to remain in this phase for the immediate future, potentially through the end of the calendar year. Our goal is to continue maintaining social distancing and other health requirements on site while the rest of our staff continue teleworking to the extent possible. Site and local conditions will be evaluated regularly and the timing for each stage will be adjusted as needed.

As a reminder, staff will return to the site at different times and on different schedules. Your manager/supervisor will contact you if you are expected to return to work on site in any phase. If you are not contacted by your supervisor, please do not return to the site.

See full details (VPN required).


  • There are no announcements at this time.


Return-to-Site Training

The Lab has developed new COVID-19 "return-to-site" training modules for employees and managers/supervisors that will be required training for all staff before they begin work on site. It is very important for everyone to take this 15-minute training, which provides an overview of the enhanced safety and health requirements for staff working on the Lab site.


Daily Pre-entry Screening

As the Lab resumes operations, all employees scheduled to come to work on site must complete a daily pre-entry screening to determine if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. All staff and guests will be asked to check their temperature and review a set of health-related questions on a printed card before leaving home.


Cloth Face Coverings

DOE has mandated that cloth face coverings be worn in public settings whenever social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Face coverings are not respirators or personal protective equipment (PPE). They are also not the kind of masks worn by health care workers (N-95 or K-95). The Lab will provide a cloth face covering for you, or you may bring in your own.


Remote Work

To maintain productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lab has expanded its Flexible Work Arrangement policies. Employees have access to a list of remote work IT resources that will help them work from an off-site location.


Time Card Reporting

Two new time-reporting codes were developed for the emergency operating period and should be used as appropriate when filling out your time card. No-VPN and no-internet scenarios are covered.


Health & Wellness

Health & wellness resources are available to employees and their family members covered by the Aetna medical plan including remote doctor consultations and remote sessions with counselors who can help with stress and anxiety.