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The following resources are available through Magellan Healthcare.

How to Build Resilience and Adaptive Skills During the Pandemic

Insights on why people are feeling stress and panic, and gave tips on how to build resiliency. Ways to help children cope and thrive, when it may be time to seek help, and the importance of acceptance and adaptation skills during the pandemic. 

How to Stay Connected and Keep Seniors Safe During COVID-19

How to stay in touch with elderly loved ones, recognize when help may be needed and prepare for end-of-life care and loss. 

Managing Anxiety and Worry During Uncertain Times

Learn to pinpoint your most significant worries; develop a plan and strategies to better manage them; and learn tips to help others in your life manage their anxiety and worry.

Strategies to Navigate Stress and Build Resilience during COVID-19

How you can leverage positive emotions, practice mindfulness and rethink your stress mindset to help you stay mentally healthy during the pandemic.

The Loss of Normalcy: Coping with Grief and Uncertainty During COVID-19

Insights on why people are experiencing fear and grief, how to cope with different types of grief, and how to help yourself and others through this difficult time.

Fast Five Fixes to Reduce Stress

Presented by licensed clinical social worker Joy Braunlich.