General Lab Information

Brookhaven Lab is in a minimal operating mode known as "Min-Safe"

Both the federal government and NY State have urged schools and non-essential businesses to remain closed through the end of April. In line with that guidance, Brookhaven Lab has extended its Min-Safe operational status through Friday, May 1, with further adjustments as needed. This extension means that until May 1, only those employees who are essential to operations, consistent with our emergency planning guidelines, will be permitted on site. Please direct any site access questions to your supervisor.

Answers to questions about Min-Safe operations

Is the USPS office on site open and can I access my P.O. Box?

Yes, the USPS remains open and you may access your P.O. Box. When you arrive at the gate, notify the guard that you wish to access your P.O. Box. Unless you have been deemed Essential, you are not permitted to access any other areas on-site during Min-Safe (e.g., your office).

Will there be processing of outgoing mail?

Yes, we will process all outgoing mail during Min-Safe beginning on Thursday, March 26, and then on Wednesdays thereafter. You may drop off outgoing mail at any time during the week using the mail slot. You also may stop by when the mailroom staff are scheduled to be on site. When on site, mailroom staff will be processing outgoing mail in the morning.

Will you be delivering mail on site?

For mail that is essential to operations, we will schedule delivery. At this time mail will only be delivered to Human Resources and Fiscal in Bldg. 400, and BHSO in Bldg. 464 at approximately 2 p.m. on the days when mailroom staff are on-site (Thursday, March 26, and Wednesdays thereafter). If you have a specific request, you may contact Mark Davis, Guest Services Division Manager, at 631-344-2165 or , or Michelle McQueen, Facilities and Operations Directorate Chief Operating Officer, at 631-344-4731 or .

Is the on-site Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) open?

The on-site TFCU is not open; however, the on-site ATMs at Building 400 and 488 (Berkner) remain available to staff.

Is the Warehouse open for shipping and receiving?

Yes, the Warehouse is open and minimally staffed. We request that you postpone or cancel all non-essential deliveries and shipments during Min-Safe, if possible. For deliveries that have been received or are planned during Min-Safe, the Warehouse will be either storing them in one of F&O’s facilities or coordinating a delivery on site. If you are on site and have a mission critical package that you need immediately during Min-Safe, please contact the Warehouse before the package arrives with the tracking number; otherwise there will be a delay in retrieving it. If you would like to coordinate a shipment or delivery during Min-Safe, please contact Ray Costa, Operational Support & Planning Division Manager, at 631-344-8227 or .

How do I arrange for F&O craft support for work during Min-Safe?

To arrange for F&O craft support during Min-Safe, please enter a Work Order in Maximo and contact your Facility Project Manager (FPM) for work coordination. Find you FPM here. Please note that we are currently only supporting work that is deemed essential or supports essential activities, including emergency repairs (e.g., burst pipe).

How do I arrange for custodial service during Min-Safe?

To arrange for custodial service during Min-Safe, please contact your FPM and Debbie Doyle, Custodial Services General Supervisor, at 631-344-3977 or .

Is the Shopping Shuttle running?

Yes, but on a changed/limited schedule. The shopping shuttle will operate only on Saturday mornings (8:30 a.m. through 12 p.m.) during Min-Safe. Social distancing will be employed during these runs. You can find more information here. Contact Cathy Ennis, Housing Services General Supervisor, at 631-344-2917 or for any questions.

Will food delivery be allowed on site?

Yes, food delivery will be allowed on site. While there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food or food packaging according to the CDC and the FDA, consider the following when ordering food: providing special delivery instructions such as contactless drop-off, transferring food from the take-out container to your own plate or container, and then washing your hands for 20 seconds before eating.

How can I support the Energy and Utilities Division with water flow?

With the low number of staff on site, we need your help avoiding water stagnation and preventing bacterial growth in our potable water pipes. If you are on site, we are asking that when possible, please run the cold water in your buildings for any length of time, but up to a couple of hours, if possible. Please note that we don’t want to cause flooding, so if you can support this, please do check on the running water periodically and remember to turn it off at night or before you leave.

I have equipment on-site that needs to be checked/monitored. What should I do?

To access the Lab site during Min-Safe, you must be identified as Essential. Check to see if you are identified as Essential. If you are not listed as Essential, you can request a change in status from your Essential Personnel Coordinator, or you can contact your Research Space Manager (RSM) or Facility Project Manager (FPM) to perform the inspection for you.

Who can I contact in F&O with other questions?

Please contact Michelle McQueen, Facilities and Operations Directorate Chief Operating Officer, at 631-344-4731 or with other questions related to F&O support.

What is the checkout procedure for staff who are terminating during Min-Safe?

Staff members who are terminating employment will now check out remotely. These staff, in coordination with their supervisors, must assure the checkout process is completed before their last day of employment. They must also work with their supervisors, records coordinators and property representatives to confirm all records and property have been properly addressed by the last day of their employment. See full details.

What is Min-Safe?

To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the Laboratory has reduced its on-site staff to the number needed to maintain core, critical functions. This requires us to significantly curtail on-site operations. The work of the Laboratory continues, but only those employees who are “essential to operations” are permitted on site. All employees who can work remotely and have the permission of their supervisor should do so. This modified operational status is expected to last until April 14, 2020, with further adjustments as needed.

Essential site activities are those necessary to maintain: the Laboratory in a safe and secure mode; mission-essential functions; specific scientific operations as determined by Lab management, including COVID-19 research; and IT capability to support safety/security operations and expanded telework

User facility operations have been cut back. The National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) has suspended nearly all experiments, with the exception of support for potential COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment research. Beamline staff and the majority of the rest of staff—with the exception of needed technicians and engineers—are working from home. The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and STAR experiment, Tandem, Accelerator Test Facility, and Center for Functional Nanomaterials have been shut down. Similarly, all non-user-facility science has been significantly scaled back with few exceptions.