General Lab Information

Modified Process for Employees Who Are Concluding Employment or Term Appointments

The Laboratory's check-out process has been modified for staff terminating employment—e.g., retiring, completing a term-appointment—while the Lab maintains Min-Safe operations. This process will limit in-person interactions to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that the Lab remains in compliance with U.S. Department of Energy requirements.

Staff members who are terminating employment will now check out remotely.

These staff, in coordination with their supervisors, must assure the checkout process is completed before their last day of employment. They must also work with their supervisors, records coordinators and property representatives to confirm all records and property have been properly addressed by the last day of their employment.

Note: If the staff member terminating employment is a records coordinator or property representative, the employee must notify Diana Hubert in Human Resources (Ext. 7837 or ) and provide the name of a new delegate. Employees cannot approve their own terminations in these roles.

Property Located on Site

Staff with assigned Lab equipment that is on site must contact their supervisors to discuss where each asset is located. Supervisors must be able to confirm the location of those assets no later than an employee’s last day of employment. This may require the supervisor—and possibly the terminating employee—to be given temporary site access to complete the checkout process.

Property Located Off Site

Staff who have Lab-owned equipment off site are responsible for assuring that equipment is returned by their final day. Please make arrangements with your supervisor to drop off your assigned property at the main gate.

ID Badges and Vehicle Stickers

Lab-issued ID badges, family member badges, and vehicle stickers must also be returned. Staff can either make arrangements to provide these items to their supervisor or can mail them to:

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Human Resources, Attn: Diana Hubert
Bldg. 400B, PO Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973

Confirm Contact Information Is Up to Date

Before completing the termination process, staff should contact Diana Hubert at to confirm mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are up to date. This will help ensure proper delivery of final paychecks, including vacation pay, if applicable, and future communications.