General Lab Information

Resumption of Operations

Brookhaven Lab is in the first phase of its resumption of operations plan.

Brookhaven Lab has concluded its emergency (“Min-Safe”) operational status and as of Thursday, June 4, has begun the first phase of its resumption of operations plan (ROOP).

Long Island has met all seven of NY State's COVID-19 metrics for our region and begun a phased reopening of businesses and other organizations. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has also concurred with Brookhaven Lab's resumption of operations plan. As a result of reaching both of these milestones, Brookhaven Lab ended Min-Safe at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, June 3, and on Thursday, June 4, began calling additional staff back to the site to begin Phase 1 of the ROOP.

The Lab site will be gradually repopulated in phases—maintaining social distancing and other health requirements on site—while the rest of our staff continue teleworking to the extent possible. Each of the first three phases of our resumption of operations plan will have two stages, each lasting about two weeks. Site and local conditions will be evaluated regularly and the timing for each stage will be adjusted as needed.

  • Phase 1 - Continuation of Essential Mission Critical Operations and beginning of Limited Operations
  • Phase 2 - Expansion of Limited Operations
  • Phase 3 - Normal Operations, with Maximum Telework

During this first phase, returning staff will consist predominantly of Facilities & Operations Directorate staff and a select number of scientific and technical staff who will begin the process of readying the Lab's conventional and technical infrastructure in support of the first stage of Limited Operations. They will focus on ensuring that the Lab is clean, safe, and ready for the rest of the staff to come back in a planned, controlled manner over several months. Remaining staff will return to the site at different times and on different schedules. Your manager/supervisor will contact you if you are expected to return to work on site in any phase. If you are not contacted by your supervisor, please do not return to the site.

If you are contacted by your supervisor to return during this first phase, you should come in for your first scheduled shift or start time after the emergency period ends - for most, this will be on Thursday, June 4. The Lab will still be using the "Essential Personnel" list to manage site access during this first phase.

Our primary focus throughout this process is the health and safety of staff. The Lab will be a different place when you return, and all staff are going to have to work together to help keep each other safe and healthy. It also means that we will all need to practice new behaviors in the workplace. We are putting in place several new requirements as part of the resumption of operations plan - based on U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance - and all staff are expected to comply with them. These requirements include back-to-work training, a new daily pre-entry screening, the use of cloth face coverings in public spaces and areas/situations where social distancing isn't possible, and new requirements for in-person meetings.

New Requirements