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2013 Publications

Iaccarino, G., Sharp, D., Glimm, J. Quantification of Margins and Uncertainties Using Conditional Probabilities and Multiple Gates, ICCOSAR (2013).

Wang, D., Jiao, X., Conley, R., Glimm, J.  On the Curvature Effect of Thin Membranes, Journal of Computational Physics, 233, pp. 449-463 (2013).

H. Kim, L. Zhang, R. Samulyak, and P. Parks, On the structure of plasma liners for plasma jet induced magnetoinertial fusion, Phys. Plasmas 20, 022704 (2013)

Kaufman, Ryan, Kaman, T., Yu, Y., Glimm, J. Stochastic convergence and the software tool W. In Proceeding Book of International Conference to honour Professor E.F. Toro. CRC, Taylor and Francis Group (in press).

Kaman, T., Melvin, J. Melvin, Rao, P., Kaufman, R., Lim, H., Y. Yu, Glimm, J., Sharp, D. H. Recent progress in turbulent mixing. Physica Scripta (in press).

Glimm, J., Sharp, D. H., Kaman, T., and Lim, H.. New directions for Rayleigh-Taylor mixing. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A: Turbulent mixing and beyond (in press).

Melvin, J., Rao, P., Kaufman, R., Lim, H., Yu, Y., Glimm, J., Sharp, D.H.  Atomic Scale Mixing for Inertial Confinement Fusion Associated Hydro Instabilities, High Energy Density Physics (in press).

Sharp, D.H., Kaman, T., Lim, H., Glimm, J. New Directions for Rayleigh-Taylor Mixing, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society - A, (in press).

Li, Y., O’Leary, L., Lewis, N., Galli, G., A Combined Ab-initio and Experimental Study of Band-Edge Control of Si through Surface Functionalization, Journal of Physical Chemistry C (in press).

T. Guo, S. Wang, R. Samulyak, Sharp interface algorithm for large density ratio incompressible multiphase magnetohydrodynamic flows, Procedia Comp. Science, 2013, accepted.