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Workshop on Electron Beam Lithography


The Nanofabrication facility at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) invites its Users and all interested parties to a workshop to on electron beam lithography. The Workshop will include presentations on electron beam lithography techniques and results from current users. Also highlighted will be tips and strategies from CFN Personnel on how to effectively use our Nanofabrication facilities.

All of the Workshop presentations will be held in an informal setting with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Featured will be an applications engineer from GenISys Inc. to present the LayoutBEAMER software with hands-on demonstrations of advanced pattern conversion techniques and tutorials on the use of proximity effect correction.

Workshop Speakers

  • Aaron Stein (BNL, CFN Nanofabrication Facility)
  • Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt (NSLS)
  • Gerald Lopez (GenISys: LayoutBEAMER)
  • Technical representative (JEOL USA)

Sponsors and/or Co-sponsors

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Last Modified: December 27, 2017