Environmental Protection Division

Jason Remien, Division Manager

Ext. 3477, remien@bnl.gov  |  website: http://www.bnl.gov/esh/env

Develops and delivers environmental products and services for all BNL stakeholders by managing environmental programs and by providing technical assistance on environmental requirements. Provides a variety of waste management services for BNL.

  • Environmental Programs Management Jason Remien, ext. 3477
  • Environmental Compliance Water, Tank and Air programs; Spill Response, NEPA, TSCA, EPCRA, and Natural and Cultural Resources; RCRA and DOE 435.1; and Site Environmental Report Jason Remien, ext. 3477
  • Environmental Stewardship Groundwater Remediation and Monitoring; Environmental Information Management; and GIS mapping and modeling Bill Dorsch, ext. 5186
  • Field Services Environmental Management System (EMS), Pollution Prevention, Environmental Compliance Reps and Waste Management Reps, and Field Sampling Debbie Bauer, ext. 5664
  • Waste Program Management Mike Clancy, ext. 7651
  • Waste Operations Solid and liquid waste operations Ron Prwivo, ext. 3411
  • Waste Management Support Services - Radioactive and hazardous waste, inventory, nuclear safety, and transportation Glen Todzia, ext. 7488

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