Salaries & Awards

Compensation Group's Mission

The Compensation Group provides services and advice on employee salaries and other forms of cash compensation to assist Laboratory managers and Human Resources staff in hiring, classifying, compensating, and rewarding employees.  The group seeks to ensure that the compensation system is administered in a fair manner and that all employees have an understanding of the compensation program.

BNL Compensation Philosophy

The Laboratory can succeed in attracting, retaining, and motivating a qualified staff to achieve its mission by offering an attractive total rewards package consisting of base salary, variable pay, benefits, quality of work life, and development and career opportunities.  The Laboratory endeavors to provide salaries and variable pay that are competitive, equitable, and effective in recognizing and rewarding employee contributions.

To ensure competitive compensation, the relevant external labor market is monitored and formally analyzed each year. The relevant external market consists of other research institutions and general industry employers with whom we compete for qualified employees.

The Laboratory values and rewards employee contributions that align with the Laboratory's mission and the employee's assigned role. The Laboratory values teamwork and the added benefit of collaborative efforts, as well as employees' commitment to the mission of the Laboratory. 

Employee compensation levels are intended to recognize both an employee's role and their performance within that role. The Laboratory values an employee's role according to two primary criteria: 

  • what other employers pay for similar work,
  • the responsibility and job knowledge required compared to other BNL jobs. 

Performance relative to each employee's role is judged according to the expectations that managers communicate to employees. Managers administer employee compensation according to how employees meet those expectations. 

Cash compensation consists of both base pay and variable pay in the form of bonuses, awards, and incentives. These recognize performance beyond base pay for both long term and short term exceptional accomplishments in all areas of work.

Laboratory managers at all levels impact the effectiveness of employee compensation in helping to fulfill the Laboratory's mission through their involvement in defining jobs, communicating performance expectations, and evaluating and rewarding performance. 

To ensure that the Laboratory treats employees in accord with societal and customer expectations, Laboratory compensation policies, as well as all Human Resource polices, comply with federal and state employment regulations and laws and DOE requirements.  Compensation decisions are made in accordance with Brookhaven National Laboratory's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement pertaining to HR practices.

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