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Research Highlights

Climate Science  

NYCCS computational resources aid in Global Climate Research

Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have published research focused on the formation of clouds, comparing computer simulations to aircraft observations. Clouds play critical roles in many climate processes, including the Earth's energy and water cycles. They are an essential part of the global climate system yet are considered one of the largest uncertainties for future climate projection.  More...

High Energy and Nuclear Physics    

NYCCS computational resources help explore physics of the early Universe

To get a better understanding of the subatomic soup that filled the early universe, and how it “froze out” to form the atoms of today’s world, scientists are taking a closer look at the nuclear phase diagram using NYCCS resources. Blue Gene supercomputers of the NYCCS hosted by Brookhaven, as well as two new prototype racks of the Blue Gene/Q supercomputers at Brookhaven and at the RIKEN/BNL Research Center were used.