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NY State Economy

Economic Impact

Economic impact in each of our focus areas: energy, manufacturing, medicine/biotechnology, national security and finance, is accomplished through high performance computing. Some examples of impactful areas are listed below:

Modeling, simulation and operation of electric power delivery requires major supercomputing resources to meet the huge data stream and sensor network demands of smart grid monitoring and operation. Our partners in this effort are the New York Smart Grid Consortium, LIPA, and the Center for Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT).

Improvements in the design of fuel cells, solar photovoltaics and battery storage require increasingly intensive computing. Our partner here is the New York State Center for Excellence in Advanced Energy Research and Technology (AERTC). AERTC also has interests in the smart grid initiative through its Virtual Smart Grid Test and Validation Facility.

Major HPC applications in the biological and life sciences include: drug discovery, design, and delivery, proteomics, and medical imaging. Partners in this area include SBU’s Institute for Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology, and the planned Department of Biomedical Informatics. Translation to medical application will include the existing industrial network of these three units as well as SBU’s Medical and Research Translation Center. 

Partnership with Northrop Grumman targets national security concerns including surveillance and early warning systems that require the processing of increasingly massive amounts of real-time data.

Through partnership with the Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT, representing 250 manufacturing companies on Long Island),  NYCCS provides HPC outreach to advanced manufacturing and green technologies of interest to electronics, fabrication and composites manufacturing companies.

Also through LIFT, as well as through partnership with CA Technologies and the Long Island Software and Technology Network (representing more than 800 software and technology companies), NYCCS  provides HPC outreach to companies, such as those associated with the Morrelly Homeland Security Center, whose emergency management and control technologies involve tracking and processing massive amounts of date in real time.

With CEWIT and CA Technologies NYCCS provides expertise in the use of cloud computing to assist industry in the use of such resources for their computing and data management needs.

See the latest economic Impact reports of Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University.