RHIC Newsclips Archive

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Splitting Atoms on Long Island: The Public Tours RHIC at Brookhaven National Lab Summer Sundays
Verizon fios,  10/3/2016

Take a look inside this colossal machine where scientists propel electrons to 99.99% the speed of light
Business Insider,  9/14/2016

North Shore residents ponder the universe at Brookhaven National Lab
TBR News Media,  8/3/2016

Where Does The Mass Of A Proton Come From?
Forbes.com,  8/3/2016

Early-universe soup
Deixis magazine,  6/22/2016

The Origins of the Universe
DOE,  3/1/2016

Two American Physics Labs Are Vying for a Billion-Dollar Particle Accelerator
Motherboard,  1/26/2016

Dark Matter: New Theory Points To Secondary Inflation To Explain Universe's Dark Matter
HNGN,  1/15/2016

For the First Time, Physicists Have Measured the "Strong Force" of Antimatter
gizmodo,  11/10/2015

'Mirror Universes' Might Look and Behave Like Ours, Study Finds
livescience,  11/6/2015

Strong forces make antimatter stick
News,  11/4/2015

Physicists Probe Antimatter For Clues To How It All Began
NPR,  11/4/2015

Beyond the Big Bang: Decoding matter and the physics of merging particles
Yahoo News,  10/18/2015

DOE recommendation sets stage for Brookhaven lab, Virginia facility to compete for collider
Newsday,  10/18/2015

World’s largest atom smashers create world’s smallest droplets
Research News at Vanderbilt,  10/2/2015

Ion collider produces droplets of primordial goo
UPI.com,  9/4/2015

Particle Collider Spits Out Tiny Drops of Primordial Goo
Discovery News,  9/3/2015

Scientists Create Primordial 'Perfect Liquid' In Lab
Tech Times,  9/2/2015

We visited the last place left in America that's piecing together the origins of the universe
Tech Insider,  8/13/2015

Life on Earth began with 'hiccups': Reproduction started slowly in primordial soup rather than with a bang
Daily Mail.com,  7/29/2015

Using Open Science Grid to prepare for ‘the next big thing’ at Brookhaven
Open Science Grid,  7/27/2015

Particle accelerator sets new record for proton particle collisions
RedOrbit,  4/16/2015

Notable moments in Long Island history
Newsday,  4/9/2015

In LHC’s Shadow, America’s Collider Awakens
Quanta Magazine,  3/6/2015

Elusive 'Dark Photons' Still Lurking in the Shadows
LiveScience,  2/27/2015

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Four physicists walk into BAR…
Yale News,  10/13/2014

Crash Course in Science
Wall Street Journal,  10/12/2014

Video: How to Make Quark Soup
Science Friday (on line),  10/9/2014

Brookhaven boffins boggle at baryons
The Register,  8/25/2014

Long Island's Guinness World Records
Newsday,  8/6/2014

Proton Spin Mystery Gains a New Clue
Scientific American.com,  7/21/2014

Geek Tourist: 6 Summer Trips for Science-Lovers
yahoo.com,  5/25/2014

Modeling heavy-ion collisions with Open Science Grid
International Science Grid This Week,  4/9/2014

Physicist John Cramer explains evidence of cosmic inflation
Seattle Post-Intelligencer,  3/19/2014

Where everybody knows your atomic weight
LI Business News,  3/15/2014

Superconductivity in iron-based materials explained with electron orbitals
Knovel,  2/14/2014

Could RHIC Strangelets Spawn Doomsday?
discovery.com,  2/13/2014

What are the chances that a particle collider's strangelets will destroy the Earth?
Phys.Org,  2/12/2014

New U.S. Science Commission Should Look At Experiment’s Risk Of Destroying The Earth
International Business Times,  2/10/2014

Smashing Gold! Big Bang's 'Particle Soup' To Be Created in Lab
LiveScience,  2/4/2014

Federal spending deal would keep Brookhaven Lab's ion collider open
Newsday,  1/14/2014

Gibbs: Brookhaven Lab helped coax the Higgs out of hiding
Newsday,  10/13/2013

Atom Smashing Fun at BNL's Summer Sundays
Verizon Fios My LITV,  8/26/2013

How Many Times In Your Life?
Huffington Post,  8/4/2013

Brookhaven Lab to move major piece of equipment
Newsday,  6/5/2013

Huge magnet set for delicate voyage to Fermilab
Chicago Tribune,  5/19/2013

Insistence on Gathering Real Data Confirms Low Radiation Exposures
Science,  5/10/2013

Giant Particle Storage Ring Set for 3,200-Mile Trek
Live Science,  5/9/2013

The Fellowship of the Ring
Symmetry,  5/8/2013

Federal cuts imperil Brookhaven's Heavy Ion Collider
Newsday,  3/28/2013

Particle Physicists in U.S. Worry About Being Left Behind
New York Times,  3/4/2013

Schumer and Gillibrand push for funding to save Brookhaven atom smasher
Newsday,  2/4/2013

Einstein’s Long Island Summer of ’39
Long Island Press,  2/1/2013

Decelerating American Physics: Panel Advises Shutdown of Last U.S. Collider
Scientific American,  1/31/2013

Could This Be The End Of The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider?
redOrbit.com,  1/30/2013

Ion collider flagged for closure
NewsBlog,  1/29/2013

Nuclear Physics: Primordial Matter Comes Into Focus in Many Tiny Big Bangs
Science,  10/19/2012

Nuclear Decelerator: Last U.S. Particle Collider on Chopping Block
Scientific American,  8/24/2012

LHC Smashes Highest Man-Made Temperature
Discovery News,  8/21/2012

Cern breaks man-made heat record with ~5.5 trillion degree plasma
Wired.co.uk,  8/15/2012

Hottest temps ever at LHC, and more hints about early Universe
Ars Technica,  8/15/2012

Experiments reveal new techniques in studying quark-gluon plasma
Symmetry Breaking,  8/15/2012

Physicists Challenge Man-Made Heat Record
Wired Science UK,  8/15/2012

Scientists break ground heating up primordial plasma
Newsday,  8/14/2012

Physicists Closing in on Understanding the Primordial Universe
Universe Today,  8/14/2012

Physicists Closing in on Understanding the Primordial Universe
Universe Today,  8/14/2012

Quark Matter is probably the preeminent conference in heavy-ion physics
Galileo’s Pendulum,  8/13/2012

Hot stuff: CERN physicists create record-breaking subatomic soup
Nature (news blog),  8/13/2012

Hottest Particle Soup May Reveal Secrets of Primordial Universe
Space.com,  8/13/2012

Brookhaven Lab has new info on Big Bang
Newsday,  8/10/2012

Heavy ion collisions reveal the earliest instants of our Universe
Ars Technica,  7/21/2012

Report: BNL crucial for future of science
LI Business News,  7/3/2012

Four Trillion Degrees: Scientists Achieve Record for Highest Temperature
CTV News (video),  6/28/2012

Big-bang soup wins hotness record
MSNBC,  6/26/2012

Particle Accelerator Sets Record For Hottest Man-Made Temperature: 7.2 Trillion Degrees
Talking Points Memo,  6/26/2012

Atom Smasher Sets Guinness Record for Hottest Man-Made Temperature
Yahoo! News,  6/26/2012

Highest Man-Made Temperature: 4 TRILLION Degrees
Discovery News,  6/26/2012

Brookhaven Lab sets Guinness heat record
Newsday,  6/26/2012

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge: Gene Van Buren
Village Beacon Record,  2/21/2012

Accounting for missing particles
RIKEN Research,  2/10/2012

DOE Funding Crunch Threatens Future of Only U.S. Collider Still Running
Science,  1/27/2012

LHC trials proton-lead collisions
physicsworld,  11/2/2011

Nuclear Physicist: This Is My Job
Popular Mechanics,  9/13/2011

Big Science: The Universe's Ten Most Epic Projects
Popular Science,  7/16/2011

Anti-Helium Produced
U.S. News,  4/25/2011

It's Official: Heaviest antimatter found
MSNBC.com,  4/24/2011

Scientists Detect Heaviest Known Antimatter Particle
Forbes,  4/24/2011

Subatomic Shuffle
Science,  1/14/2011

Heavy-Ion Collisions and Other High-Energy Physics News from Brookhaven National Laboratory
Science Watch (Thomson Reuters),  1/3/2011

Hadron Colliders: Top 20 Institutions
Thomson Reuters,  11/30/2010

Peeking Deeper into Quark-Gluon Plasma
Softpedia,  10/8/2010

Grant advances quark-gluon plasma studies
Rice University news office,  10/7/2010

Down to a science
StamfordAdvocate.com,  9/9/2010

What does the hottest matter ever made sound like?
New Scientist,  6/3/2010

Can You Build a Particle Accelerator in Your Home? Iron Man 2 Fact Check
Popular Mechanics,  5/7/2010

What black holes teach about strongly coupled particles
Physics Today,  5/4/2010

Creating the perfect liquid in heavy-ion collisions
Physics Today,  5/4/2010

Everything you ever wanted to know about particle smashers (but were afraid to ask)
Ars Technica,  3/28/2010

Video of the week - RHIC's hot quark soup
Int'l Science Grid,  3/24/2010

A look inside RHIC, Brookhaven's little big bang machine
Scientific American,  3/17/2010

A photo tour of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Ars Technica,  3/15/2010

RHIC nets strange antimatter
physicsworld.com,  3/5/2010

Heavy antimatter created in gold collisions
Nature News,  3/4/2010

Quark Soup
Newsweek,  2/16/2010

The Hottest Science Experiment on the Planet
Discover,  2/15/2010

Brookhaven Lab findings eye birth of the universe
Newsday,  2/15/2010

In Brookhaven Collider, Scientists Briefly Break a Law of Nature
New York Times,  2/15/2010

Jetting into the Quark-Gluon Plasma
physorg.com,  1/15/2010

White House honors young quantum theoretician
Los Alamos Monitor,  7/23/2009

Fire Meets Ice
Duke Research,  7/22/2009

Melting Spacetime
Duke Research,  7/22/2009

RHIC collides with the Internet
Long Island Business News,  7/14/2009

A closer look at RHIC
Summer of Science blog,  7/3/2009

Brookhaven: “There’s no physics without foil”
Summer of Science blog,  6/24/2009

Number Crunching Made Easy
Newsweek.com,  5/2/2009

Strings Link the Ultracold with the Superhot
Science News,  4/25/2009

Hot Soup, Cold Clouds, and String Theory Come Together in the Perfect Liquid
AAAS 2009 Annual Meeting News Blog,  2/15/2009

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Makes Some Noise
physorg.com,  11/21/2008

New scattering data suggests that gluons make only a small contribution to the spin of protons and neutrons
Nanowerk News,  11/14/2008

Seven smashing atom-smashers
msnbc,  8/1/2008

Cern Lab Goes _Colder Than Space_
BBC News,  7/21/2008

Of myths and men
Nature,  5/2/2008

New atom-smasher could fill gaps in scientific knowledge -- or open a black hole
L.A. Times,  4/13/2008

Better Beams Give More Big Bang For Buck
Scientific American,  2/25/2008

Simons at Renaissance Cracks Code, Doubling Assets
Bloomberg.com,  11/27/2007

Scientists Discover That If You Slam Members of Congress Together Under Pressure, Money Is Released
ESPN,  11/20/2007

Shadow World
Science News,  11/17/2007

Scientists see early universe in grains of sand
MSNBC.com,  11/14/2007

Sand could shed light on quark-gluon plasma
PhysicsWorld.com,  11/13/2007

Physicists see similarities in stream of sand grains, exotic plasma at birth of universe
University of Chicago Press Release,  11/6/2007

A Lab to Get the Measure of Matter
Science,  11/2/2007

Crash Course
The New Yorker,  5/14/2007

THE ISLAND: Getting the Most Bang Out of Quarks and Gluons
New York Times, Regional Section,  5/6/2007

Physicist John Harris to deliver Hofstadter Lecture on origin of hot _quark soup_
Stanford Report,  4/25/2007

How Does the Proton Spin?
Science,  3/23/2007

Beginner’s mind
Symmetry,  3/1/2007

String Theory Explains RHIC Jet Suppression
Physics News Update (AIP),  2/27/2007

Hard Probes (And Soft Ones) To Test The Quark-Gluon Soup
Test and Measurement.com,  10/27/2006

Particle physics: Did the Big Bang boil?
Nature,  10/12/2006

RHIC_s future looks bright
Physics Today,  10/1/2006

Putting His Money Where His Math Is
seedmagazine.com,  9/19/2006

BNL spin doctors hit speed record
LI Business News,  6/30/2006

PHENIX Data Fly With GridFTP
interactions.org,  5/3/2006

STAR’s Tim Hallman on the QGP Debate: What’s the Matter?
Science Watch (a newsletter),  5/1/2006

Upgraded particle accelerator planned
United Press International (UPI),  4/26/2006

The First Few Microseconds
Scientific American,  4/23/2006

Scheme for Boiling Nuclear Matter Gathers Steam at Accelerator Lab
Science,  4/14/2006

A scholar with vision keeps the collider running
Newsday,  1/20/2006

Like Physics? Pony Up
Science,  1/20/2006

Brookhaven Receives Outside Funding for RHIC
American Institute of Physics,  1/18/2006

Quarks matter in Budapest
CERN Courier,  1/1/2006

Big steps forward, some steps back
USA Today,  12/27/2005

Science News of the Year 2005
Science News,  12/24/2005

Physics News Update -- AIP,  12/7/2005

Dueling Experiments Close In on Source of Proton_s Spin
Science,  11/4/2005

RHIC Gets Nod Over JLab in Worst-Case DOE Scenario
Science,  6/24/2005

Liquid universe hints at strings
Physics World,  6/1/2005

First matter came from _perfect_ soup
Christian Science Monitor,  5/5/2005

RHIC groups serve up _perfect_ liquid
CERN Courier,  5/1/2005

Falling Budget Could Force Choice Between Nuclear Science Facilities
Science,  4/29/2005

Extreme Matter
Science News,  4/23/2005

Brookhaven lab stirs up the primordial stew
Newsday,  4/19/2005

Mini Big Bang Created, Puzzling Results Too Explosive
space.com,  3/21/2005

A Plasma Too Far? Researchers Hunt for Early State of Matter
Science,  12/24/2004

What_s in a name?
Nature,  7/29/2004

Quark Matter brings heavy ions to Oakland
CERN Courier,  4/1/2004