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photo of Lanny Bates

Lanny Bates

Director, Campus Development Office

photo of Lanny Bates

Lanny Bates, former Assistant Lab Director for Facilities and Operations, heads a new staff office called Campus Development. This office maintains a full-time focus on infrastructure—including the revitalization of the present Laboratory campus as well as the development of Discovery Park, a new public-private partnership expected to transform the Lab’s existing apartment area into a multi-use development featuring state-of-the-art offices, light-use laboratory space, and support facilities. It also includes redesigned dormitory-style housing for researchers who travel to Brookhaven Lab from around the world to make use of the Lab’s world-class scientific research facilities, and provides expansion space for industry partners seeking immediate proximity to the Lab.

Bates earned a B.S. in nuclear engineering from Mississippi State University in 1975 and did graduate work in nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee. He has over 30 years of experience in DOE contractor work at Oak Ridge facilities.

During his last four years at ORNL, Bates led the division that was responsible for the Laboratory's $300-million infrastructure modernization program. Under this program, over a million square feet of new facilities were constructed, thereby lowering the average age of ORNL facilities from 45 to 35 years. Building the new facilities enabled the consolidation of over 1,200 staff back on campus from off-site locations. Bates also served as the Executive Vice President of University of Tennessee-Battelle Development Corporation, the not-for-profit corporation established to facilitate private-sector investment in the ORNL modernization program.

Bates has been honored with many awards, including the American Academy of Environmental Engineers Superior Achievement Award in 1998, the Lockheed Martin Energy Systems Management Achievement Award in 1990 and 1998, and the ORNL Small Business Advocate Award in 2005 and 2007.