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The United States encourages its citizens to apply for professional positions at International Organizations (I/O), and the DOS assists U.S. citizens interested in overseas employment opportunities, making every effort to promote appropriate U.S. representation at these agencies.

Realizing that there are many difficulties in accepting foreign assignments, such as; spousal employment, cultural differences, communication struggles, separation from community support systems, etc., the goal of the workshop will be to bring U.S. citizens and their partners that are directly affected by these issues, together with experts who can recommend ways to enhance living and working experiences in Vienna. Not only will this workshop provide relevant, beneficial information to attendees, but results will also help the U.S. Mission and U.S. government identify ways to better promote I/O employment and support Americans transitioning overseas.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to attend this workshop, which promises to be a stimulating and satisfying exercise in putting ideas and thoughts to work in solving important challenges to U.S. citizens working abroad.


The first day of the workshop, Monday October 3, will begin with an opening address by the U.S. Ambassador to International Organizations in Vienna (UNVIE) followed by an expert in the human resources field from the IAEA. Throughout the day, speakers from different organizations (see agenda) will give presentations supporting the workshop objectives and provide insightful perspectives. The second day, Tuesday October 4, will continue with morning presentations directed to the partners of the international employee. In the afternoon, participants will be divided into three demographic categories; partners with children, partners without children, and singles, for specific discussions. At the end of the second day, the results of the workshop will be presented in terms of issues, concerns, and recommendations.

The break-out sessions on Tuesday will address particular issues of interest such as seeking employment or other opportunities in Vienna, family needs, employment concerns, professional development, education, volunteering, and social activities. Informal lunches and refreshment breaks, provided by workshop sponsors, will permit opportunity for attendees to meet each other, build networks and provide a chance to visit with exhibiting vendors that are relevant to the goals of the workshop.

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