Meet Mercy Baez: The new User Program Coordinator at NSLS-II and LBMS

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Mercy Baez has accepted the position as User Program Coordinator at NSLS-II and LBMS. She will assume this role in October, 2022. Mercy will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of NSLS-II and LBMS user needs including guest appointments, training, onsite access, user amenities, etc., and providing support to the associated user organizations.

Mercy is a familiar face to many staff and users at NSLS-II. She has worked in the NSLS and NSLS-II User Offices since 2005. At NSLS-II, Mercy has been responsible for coordinating all conferences, workshops, and training courses, including all financial and logistics aspects of the events. She will continue in this role as we backfill the position, so if you have any workshop needs, please continue to reach out to Mercy.

In her spare time, Mercy enjoys reading books on topics such as finance and self-development. When she is not reading, her passion for nature takes her outdoors to enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping. Mercy enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, food, and experiences. She is an avid adventurer.

Please join me in welcoming Mercy Baez in her new adventurous role at NSLS-II and LBMS!


Lisa Miller
Manager of User Services, Communications, Education, and Outreach