The snapshots of old user home directories, from before Spring 2021, will be archived on February 1, 2023 and made available only by request.

All facility users with BNL accounts have personal home directories. They are accessible on site from beamline workstations and remotely via Jupyter, SSH, or SFTP. As previously announced, in Spring 2021, NSLS-II switched to a new data storage system, and all users got a fresh (empty) home directory. The contents of the old home directories were moved to the file path "/nsls2/data/old_homes_snapshot_2021_09/USERNAME", as a read-only snapshot. Users can copy these old files to their new home directory or download them to their home institutions or personal computers. On February 1, 2023, these old snapshots will be archived. The archive will be retained, but it will only be accessible to facility users upon request. Therefore, if you require any files from your old home directory, it will be most convenient to copy it out before February 1. The "new" home directories, from Spring 2021 forward, will not be affected.