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BNL Session June 25, Friday
1:30-2:20 Tours: Group 1 NSLS, Group 2 RHIC, Group 3 ATF
2:20-3:10 Group 1 ATF, Group 2 NSLS, Group 3 RHIC
3:10-3:30 Refreshment Break – BNL, Berkner Hall Lobby

User Facility Talks will be held in Berkner Hall. Plenary Session Chair: Igor Pogorelsky

3:30-5:00 User Facility Talks I
1. Nicholas Samios "Welcome to BNL"

2. A. Ting

" Laser Wakefield Acceleration with Optically Injected Electrons at the Naval Research Laboratory"
3. M. Conde "The Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility: Capabilities and Experiments"
4. A. Tremaine “PLEIADES, an Ultra-fast Thomson X-ray Source at LLNL”
5. N. Barov "The Fermilab/NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory: Capabilities, Status and Plans"
6. D. Umstadter "Recent Results on Laser-driven Electron and Ion Acceleration from the University of Michigan."
5:00-5:15 Break – BNL, Berkner Hall Lobby
5:15-6:30 User Facility Talks II
7. S. Tochitsky "UCLA Neptune Facility For Advanced Accelerator Studies"
8. S. Bernal "The University of Maryland Electron Ring: a Model Recirculator for Intense Beam Physics Research."
9. W. Leemans "The l'OASIS Facility at LBNL: Multi-terawatt, Multi-beam Ti:sapphire Laser System for Laser Driven Advanced Accelerator Research"
10. R. Noble “The ORION Facility for Advanced Accelerator and Beam Physics Research” 
11. V. Yakimenko “ATF Capabilities and Experiments”
6:30-7:00 Closing Reception – BNL, Berkner Hall Lobby
7:00-8:30 Dinner – BNL, Berkner Hall Dining Area

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