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Workshop Working Groups 

e-Beam Driven Accelerators
Group-Leader: Patric Muggli USC (muggli@usc.edu)
Co-Group-Leader: Johnny Ng SLAC. (jng@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)

The working group (WG) will identify the critical experiments that should be performed to study the feasibility of a plasma-based afterburner for a linear collider. These include, but are not limited to, two-bunch PWFA experiments, propagation in long plasmas leading to energy gains of the order of the incoming beam energy, stability of the propagation in long plasmas, erosion of the beam head when field ionizing over distances long compared to the incoming beam beta function, optimization of the transformer ratio and of the loading of the wake by the beam. The WG will also attempt to identify diagnostics appropriate for these experiments. Possible facilities where these experiment could be performed, and the generation of bunches suitable for PWFA experiments will be discussed. The WG will also discuss the necessary advances in computational toll required to design and optimize a full-scale afterburner. The WG will attempt to define the parameters of an afterburner for an existing (SLAC) or future (NLC) collider, and possibly for a future, higher energy collider. The parameters include the incoming beam, the plasma, and the expected beam parameters at the collision point. Issues specifically related to collisions in a particle detector, such as driver/witness beam separation, luminosity, background production will also be addressed.