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Workshop Working Groups  

EM Structure-Based Accelerators Working Group
Group-Leader: Wayne Kimura, STI Optronics (wkimura@stioptronics.com)
Group-Co-leader: Steve Lidia, LBNL (SMLidia@lbl.gov)

EM structure-based accelerators cover a wide range of different technologies and schemes – everything from more established techniques, such as dielectric-loaded structures and IFELs, to methods that are still at the proof-of-principle stage, such as vacuum laser acceleration and photonic bandgap structures. It is not unusual for new schemes to be introduced in this working group (WG).
This group has been charged with the task of developing the design parameters for a 1 GeV EM-structure based accelerator. Because this design could be based upon a number of different approaches represented in this WG, our plan is to ask several workshop participants to be “champions” for specific schemes. We will ask the champions to do the following:
Develop a “strawman” design for an optical laser accelerator with a net energy gain of 1 GeV, for schemes that have already shown energy gain in proof-of-principle experiments. They are free to define all required parameters including initial e-beam characteristics (energy, emittance, beam charge, etc.), laser wavelength, power, gradient, overall length, number of stages, and other ancillary devices (e.g., bunchers, chicanes, focusing magnets). Their design should include as appropriate estimated values for parameters such as impedance, wake potential, emittance requirements and evolution, any nonlinear effects, thermal and optical damage limitations, total beam charge accelerated, etc. The intent of this exercise is not to show how far the mechanism can be scaled in gradient or net energy gain, but rather to show how a practical I GeV laser accelerator or wakefield accelerator might look like, quantify major scheme- and geometry-dependent constraints, and identify where future work is still needed.
We will request that the champions prepare most of their strawman design before the Workshop and present their design in a talk given to the WG for general discussion. During the week of the Workshop the designs can be fine-tuned. At the end of the Workshop the designs will be summarized to the rest of the Workshop attendees.
In addition to the presentations by the champions, the WG will accept contributed papers and ask invited speakers to review topics of general interest to the WG participants.