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Thursday, June 24

Working Groups, Morning II

Speaker & Title
EM Structure-Based Accelerators Working Group – Room 302
Session Leader: Wayne Kimura
10:30-10:45 Wayne Kimura: Detailed Model Comparisons with STELLA Experimental Results Oral VLA
10:45-11:00 Chris Sears: IFEL-Chicane based Microbuncher at 800 nm Oral VLA
11:00-11:15 Oral IFEL
11:15-11:30 Vitaly Yakimenko: In Vacuum Laser Acceleration of Electrons at the Brookhaven ATF Oral IFEL
Session Leader: Steve Lidia
Discuss Wakefield Strawman
Diagnostics, Control and Synchronization – Room 304
10:30-11:00 Zikri Yusof: Schottky-Enabled Photoemission in a RF Accelerator Photoinjector - Possible Generation of Ultra-Low Transverse Thermal Emittance Electron Beam
11:00-11:30 Shaftan: Space Charge Modulation and its affect on Zero Phase Measurements
11:30-12:00 Yun Zou: Observation of Energy Equipartitioning in Low Energy Intense Electron Beam
e-Beam Driven Accelerators – Room 303
10:30-11:00 V. Yakimenko: Acceleration and Focusing of Relativistic Electrons in Over-dense Plasma Invited  
Discussion: afterburner design
Computational Accelerator Physics – Room 305
Intense beams and space charge effects
Discussion on code comparisons
Discussion on code needs
Laser Plasma Acceleration - Plasma Acceleration Subgroup and Plasma Guiding Sub-Group - Auditorium and 306, respectively
10:30-10:45 K. Nakajima: Ultrahigh current electron acceleration in relativistic laser-plasma interactions
10:45-11:00 H. Suk: Generation of MeV-level high-energy electrons from the interaction of a 2 TW laser beam and a gas target
11:00-11:15 N. Hafz: Experiment on the Thomson Backscattering from LWFA e-beams
11:15-11:30 S. Kalmykov: Application of detuned plasma beatwave for generation of few-cycle electromagnetic pulses
11:30-11:45 J. Wurtele: Robust autoresonant excitation in the plasma beat-wave accelerator
11:45-12:00 M. Fomotskyi : LWFA with Low Energy Raman Seeded Pulses
High Energy Density Physics and Exotic Acceleration Schemes – Room 311
10:30-10:50 Alex Kanareykin: New low-loss ferroelectric materials for accelerator applications
10:55-11:15 Peter Messmer: Ion acceleration and THz wave generation by ultrashort laser-foil interaction
WG tasks
MM Wave Sources – Room 308