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Publications 2013

L. Shao, D. Cline, X. Ding et al., Simulation prediction and experiment setup of vacuum laser acceleration at Brookhaven National Lab-Accelerator Test Facility, NIM-A, 701, pp 25-29

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NA-PAC'13, Pasadena, USA

D. Shchegolkov et. al. "Beam Pulse Shaping Experiments for Uniform High Gradient Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration"
S. Antipov et. al. "A Tunable Energy Chirp Correction"
M. Harrison et. al. "Removal of Residual Chirp in Compressed Beams Using a Passive Wakefield Technique"
S. Antipov et. al. "Subpicosecond Bunch Train Production for High Power Tunable THz Source"
S. Wu et. al. "Transverse Beam Profile Diagnostic Using Fiber Optic Array"
N. Cook et. al. "Scintillator Diagnostics for the Detection of Laser Accelerated Ion Beams"

PAC2013, Shanghai, China

G. Xu, S. Wandel, I. Jovanovic, E. Arab, P. Hoang, P. Musumeci, B. O'Shea, J. Rosenzweig, A. Murokh, A. Ovedenko, I. Pogorelsky, Progress Report on Development of a 5-Micron Drive Laser for Dielectric Laser Acceleration