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Publications 2018

N. Sudar, P. Musumeci, I. Gadjev, et al., "Demonstration of Cascaded Modulator-Chicane Micro-Bunching of a Relativistic Electron Beam," Physical Review Letters, 120, 114802 (2018)

Hoang, P. D.; Andonian, G. Gadjev, I.; et al., “Experimental Characterization of Electron-Beam-Driven Wakefield Modes in a Dielectric-Woodpile Cartesian Symmetric Structure,” Physical Review Letters, 120, 164801 (2018)

Conference Proocedings 2018

SPIE-Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics III -Orlando, FL

S. Tochitsky, E. Welch, C. Joshi- Generation of a Centimeter Diameter Self-Guided Light Channel in Air Using a TW CO2 Laser