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2016 RHIC & AGS Annual Users' Meeting

RHIC Upgrades and the era of Femtobarn-1 Precision

Note: This meeting falls under Exemption E - Meetings such as Advisory Committee and Federal Advisory Committee meetings. Solicitation/Funding Opportunity Announcement Review Board meetings, peer review/objective review panel meetings, evaluation panel/board meetings, and program kick‐off and review meetings (including those for grants and contracts). and is open to the public.

Since the Annual Users' Meeting coincides with the election of new members and leadership for the RHIC/AGS User's Executive Committee, please remember to vote.


The annual RHIC & AGS Users' Meeting will be held on June 7-10, 2016, at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The theme of this year's meeting is "RHIC Upgrades and the era of Femtobarn-1 Precision." The meeting will cover all aspects of the RHIC and eRHIC physics program. Particular emphasis will be placed on the physics capabilities made possible by the detector upgrades coupled with RHIC II luminosities. Workshops will be held on June 7 and June 8 where heavy flavor and quarkonia, beam energy scan data, small system, jets, chiral magnetic effect, spin, and diversity will be discussed. In addition, a panel discussion on diversity will be held on the evening of June 9.

The plenary sessions on June 9 and 10 will include talks on RHIC Run 16, the latest physics results from STAR and PHENIX, upgrade plans, reports from representatives from the funding agencies, and Thesis Award presentations.

Parallel Workshop Topics

Tuesday, June 7

Wednesday, June 8

Plenary Sessions

Organizing Committee

  • Lijuan Ruan (BNL)
  • Justin Frantz (Ohio U)
  • Daniel Cebra (UC Davis)


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Special Evening Events

Registered attendees are invited to attend the optional dinner, cocktail reception, and an end-of-meeting luncheon.

Seafood Extravaganza
Join us for a night on the beach at Smith Point County Park for a Seafood Extravaganza and live music on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 6:30 PM. Directions

Please note, there will be a fee in order to attend the dinner. However, the cost of the dinner will be discounted to $25 US for the first 30 registered student/post-docs.

Cocktail Reception/Panel Discussion on Diversity
There will be a cocktail hour and a panel discussion on diversity, Thursday, June 9, 2016, 5:30 PM in the lobby of Berkner Hall (Bldg. 488), compliments of BSA.

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