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Membership in the BERA APAA is free to all, and enthusiastic members of ANY nationality are welcome to join! If you would like to become a member, please contact any member of our board.

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Our activities include: Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (MAY); Guest Speakers; Cultural Programs; Concerts; Picnics; Food Festivals; Collaboration with other affinity groups; and any other activities YOU would like!!!

Constitution and By-Laws


  • To build bridges of communication among BNL Asian Pacific American personnel through cultural programs, food festivals, picnics, cultural education, concerts, and other similar cultural/social activities. 
  • To create community among BNL and other similar organizations through scholarships, fund-raising, colloquia and conferences aimed at educating BNL and the community about issues of concern to Asian Pacific Americans. 
  • To support BNL in shaping and improving Diversity objectives/goals. 
  • Additional purposes are expected to evolve as the activity matures.


  • To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month every year.  This is a DOE sponsored event. 
  • To organize regular concerts, cultural celebrations, picnics, and educational activities each year. 
  • To regularly invite accomplished guest speakers to address issues of interest to Asian Pacific American community. 
  • To collaborate with other similar organizations in organizing events of interest to Asian Pacific American Community on Long Island.
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