Dr. Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship Award Ceremony - 09/27/2005

Pictures by Marie Van Buren

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Marie Van Buren, Beth Lin, Cindy Lin, and Susan Wong
Marie, Beth, Cindy, and Susan pose with the scholarship award winner, Yuanzhi Tang (second from right)
Susan Wong, Co-Coordinator of the BERA APAA, welcomes all to the ceremony
Dr. Satoshi Ozaki, Special Assistant to the Laboratory Director for Accelerator Projects
Dr. Thomas Butcher, Head of the Energy Resources Division of the Energy Sciences & Technology Department, was the head of the selection committee for the award and a good friend of Dr. Lin's
Professor Richard Reeder, a member of the faculty in the Department of Geosciences of Stony Brook University, and the Director of the Center for Environmental Molecular Sciences (CEMS), is the research advisor of Ms. Tang, the recipient of the scholarship award
Beth Lin, the widow of Dr. Mow Shiah Lin, is a Biology Associate with the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope group at the BNL Biology Department
Beth presents the award to the scholarship winner, Yuanzhi Tang from Stony Brook University
Dr. Lin's family and friends look on as Beth presents the award
Ms. Tang presents a talk describing her research, entitled "Coprecipitation of Cr(VI) with Calcite:  Batch Experiments and Spectroscopic Characterization"
Susan closes the ceremony with a few words of thanks

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