Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Raising Event - 03/30/2011

When a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11, 2011, APAA helped coordinate fund raising efforts here at BNL to help the victims of the disaster.  For about three weeks, volunteers staffed the fund raising table at the Berkner Hall lobby, making origami cranes and offering them to those who were kind enough to make a donation.  An event held on March 30th featuring talks by BNL Nuclear Science & Technology Chair Bill Horak and SBU’s Geosciences Professor Teng-fong Wong, and a performance by SBU's Taiko Tides (shown below) also generated many contributions.  The United Way captains also encouraged employees to donate money and items for gift baskets to be auctioned off to raise even more!  In total, BNL and SBU raised a total of $80,400.  For more about our fund raising efforts, please see this article.

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