BNL BERA Table Tennis Club

The BNL Table Tennis Club is a BERA sponsored activity club and was organized to promote the quality of life for the BNL ping-pong community.  The club meets at the Recreation Hall (2nd floor) in the apartment area Monday through Friday from 12:15-1:15pm, and develops a program for all levels of experience.



Thursday October 11, 2007 - The First Laboratory-wide Table Tennis Tournament

Front (from left to right): Peter Takacs, Mirko Milas, Balwan Hooda, Weiguo Yin, Mike Margioni, Shiva Kothari, Yangang Liu, Yanbiao Zhang;  George Wei, Steven Ferrone, Chien-Ih Pai, Rui Si, Weiming Guo, Chunyan Tang, Lihua Yu.  Back (from left to right): David Grills, Lev Neymotin, Animesh Jain, Corene Wood, Kim Hayes, Yong-Nian Tang, Suntao Wang; Jianming Bai, Sabine Kessler, Xiangyun Chang, Quanzhong Guo, Jeffery Williams, Richard Wagener, David Gassner, Shuwei Ye, Lijun Wu.

30 BNLers played in this fun, friends making event.  Dr. Yangang Liu, the No. 1 seeded player, won the title.  Details


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