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2019 APAA General Meeting (PowerPoint slides)


Annual Dr. Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship 



We are seeking prospective candidates for our annual Dr. Lin Scholarship.  If you are a graduate student or know of a student who qualifies for this award, please direct them to this website for application information.

The deadline for applications is June 7, 2019.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting process, join the APAA Scholarship Committee where you can take part in any phase of this process from reviewing the applications to planning the award ceremony.

For details regarding the Dr. Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship, please go to the scholarship page.


MAY is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Click on the 'Events' or 'Photos' link (located under "Site Details" on the left) for an overview of current and past the events.


   BERA APAA Dragon Boat Team 

       2018 Dragon Boat Team                                                                         2017 Dragon Boat Team

 2018               2017 Team

                     2016 Dragon Boat Team                                                                        2015 Dragon Boat Team

2016 Team      

View the event's official web site at http://portjeffdragonracefest.com/  


2018 Dr. Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship

Award Ceremony and Reception 

awarded to 

Bingjie Zhang

Department of Chemistry,  Stony Brook University

Friday, September 28, 2018 (4:00 p.m.)

Berkner Hall, Rm. B, Brookhaven National Laboratory

(Reception will follow the presentation)

 Our Mission

The mission of the Asian Pacific American Association is to promote unity and awareness through educational, cultural, and social programs, the annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month events, and through discussion of issues that affect the Asian Pacific American community at BNL.

APAA Executive Board

Coordinators:  Marie Van Buren / Joanne Beebe-Wang
Treasurer:  Grace Webster
Secretary:  Susan Eng Wong
Board Members:  Joanne Beebe-Wang, Vatsal Bhatt, Joseph Eng, Beth Y. Lin, Hue-Anh Pham, Marie Van Buren, Grace Webster, Susan Eng Wong, Arlene (Wu) Zhang

Executive Trustees:  Beth Y. Lin
Trustees:  Rudy Alforque, Ila Campbell, Balwan Hooda, Hai-Dee Lee, Nand Narain, Susan Eng Wong
Scholarship Committee: Joanne Beebe-Wang, Vatsal Bhatt, Thomas Butcher, Beth Y. Lin, Samantha Lin, Robert McGraw, Hue-Anh Pham, Marie Van Buren, Grace Webster, James Wegrzyn, Susan Eng Wong (chair)

Postmaster:  Susan Eng Wong
Webmaster:  Marie Van Buren

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