BERA Bodybuilding Club (BBC)

HOURS: Monday-Friday 7-9am and 11am-9pm; Saturday 10am-2pm;
           CLOSED Saturdays between Memorial Day & Labor Day

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES for RENEWALS AND NEW MEMBERS are due in January (no matter when you join)
$30 BNL employees ~ $20 Post-docs / Summer Students ~ $10 Lost card

1- Guest/contractors and family members must bring proof of medical insurance
2- Bring your current weight room proxy badge
3- Cash (exact change) or check payable to BERA BBC

After January, please come to Bldg 400/Recreation Office between 11:30am - 12:30pm!  Thank you!

How to Join the BERA Body Building Club (BBC)
Renewals & New Members:

The Weight Room is open to employees, guest/contractors, spouse/partner and children over 18 only (NO other extended family). Retirees are FREE. There is a new card system so everyone must sign up in person to receive your new ID badge.

Any Non-BSA, guest/contractor or family member wishing to use the Weight Room or participate in BERA League sports MUST present their medical insurance card to the Recreation Office (Bldg 400). This signed form will be kept on file. While a player is injured, on restricted duty, under treatment for an injury or otherwise medically incapacitated, the person is not allowed to play in any BERA activity or sport until once again cleared by the clinic.  Proof of Medical Insurance

* Instructional video on using the Nautilus Evo Assisted Chin/Dip machine



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