Brookhaven Retired Employees' Association (BREA) 

How To Become a BREA Member 



  • BREA Membership is open to the following:
    Regular Members:
    Retired employees and those on Long-term disability
    Associate Members:
    All other BNL employees, former BNL employees and spouses (significant others)
    of deceased members.
    Honorary and ex-officio members:
      Other personnel defined by the BREA Board
  • How to join: BREA Membership Application
    Complete the application form and send it to the address on form. Please contact the Membership Secretary, Sheryl Gerstman with questions.
  • Dues
    Dues for regular and associate members is determined by the Board of Directors and is due the first month of the calendar year. New retirees are not charged dues for the calendar year in which they retire. There are no dues charged for honorary or ex-officio members.

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