Brookhaven Ballroom Dance Club

Constitution and By-Laws

November 4, 2003


Article I:  NAME

Section 1 - The name of this Club shall be "BNL Ballroom Dance Club".

Article II:  PURPOSE

Section 1 - The Club is established primarily to provide BERA members the opportunity to enjoy and learn about Ballroom & Social Dancing.

Section 2 - The Club will sponsor dance lessons with a professional instructor.

Section 3 - The Club from time to time will sponsor special workshop.

Section 4 - The Club will sponsor social dancing.


Section 1 - Members of the Club are qualified BERA members.

Section 2 - Club members are allowed to invite one (1) guest, class size permitting.

Section 3 - The right to vote on amendments to these Constitution and its Bylaws, and on the election of Officers is reserved to those persons who are qualified BERA members.


Section 1 - The elected officers of the Club shall conduct the affairs of the Club.

Section 2 - Approval of the Recreation Supervisor or his/her designee shall be required for the use of properties or facilities of the Laboratory.

Article V:  OFFICERS

Section 1 - The Officers of the Club shall be:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Desk Captain / Membership Chair

Section 2 - Terms of Office

  • The Officers of the Club shall be elected for a term of two years and shall not serve the same office for more than two consecutive terms.
  • Elections are to be held in alternate years.
  • The election of President and Desk Captain will be in the first year.
  • The election of Treasure, Secretary and Vice President will be in the second year.

Section 3 - A volunteer Nominating Committee shall be selected prior to the Annual Meeting.

  • It shall consist of three members
  • A call for volunteers will be announced
  • If there are no volunteers the President will appoint the Committee members
  • If a Committee member is not able to serve the President may appoint a replacement

Section 4 - Nomination and election of officers

  • The Nominating Committee will submit a slate of officers at the Annual Meeting.
  • A vote will be taken at the Annual Meeting.
  • New officers will begin their term of office at the end of the dance season.


Section 1 - In the event that the office of the President is vacant, the Vice President shall automatically take over his duties for the unexpired term.

Section 2 - In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Desk Captain the President is authorized to appoint a volunteer from the membership to complete the unexpired term.


Section 1 -

  • There shall be an annual meeting every spring
  • At the annual meeting there shall be a vote for new board members
  • There shall be a Treasurerís report
  • The minutes of the previous years annual meeting shall be distributed
  • A list of the membership shall be distributed

Section 2 - The President may call meetings of the membership on an as needed basis.

Section 3 - The President may call Board meetings on as needed basis.


Section 1 - Amendments to the Constitution will require a 2/3 majority vote of the membership following due notice.

Article IX:  FEES

Section 1 - The student participating in the class will pay all fees for professional instruction.

  • The instructorís fee will be negotiated by the President
  • A minimum Instructors fee per evening would be agreed to
  • The minimum Instructors fee shall be the responsibility of the Club membership
  • Members fees for dance lessons will be assessed by the number of participating students in each class
  • Member/Students will agree on a capped assessment fee. That is not to go over a dollar amount
  • Classes will be cancelled or modified if there are not enough participating members


Section 1 - Upon dissolution of the organization all of the assets remaining, after payment of all costs and expenses of such dissolution, shall be distributed to BERA in recognition of their support and assistance.



Section 1 - The duties of the President shall be:

  • To call meetings
  • To preside at all meetings of the Club
  • To issue all and any reports that are needed
  • To see that the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club are enforced
  • To prepare a budget and approve all expenditures
  • To act as the authorized representative of the Club in all negotiations with other clubs and organizations. Or, if he/she wishes to, delegate this responsibility to another Board or Club Member
  • To serve as an official representative of the Club
  • To appoint committees

Section 2 - The Duties of the Vice President shall be:

  • To assist in the duties of the President
  • To conduct and sign-off an annual financial audit of the club finances
  • To act as President in his or hers absence
  • To act as Activity Chair for all activities

Section 3 - Duties of the Secretary shall be:

  • To assume the responsibility for the correspondence of the Club and maintenance of the necessary files
  • To conduct and sign-off on an annual financial audit of the club finances
  • To issue calls for meetings at the direction of the President
  • To record minutes of meetings as requested by the President
  • To submit and distribute the minutes of the Annual Meeting to the membership

Section 4 - The Duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  • To keep a detailed record of the finances of the Club
  • To provide the Vice President and Secretary an annual detailed financial report for their audit
  • To provide the Membership of the Club with an annual financial statement
  • To open a checking account with a bank and coordinate signature authorization with the President
  • To prepare an annual budget proposal

Section 5 - Duties of the Desk Captain/ Membership Chair shall be:

  • Maintain the membership list.
  • To organize staffing of the registration desk, for the collection of dance lesson fees or ticketed functions
  • To count and turn over all monies to the Treasurer for deposit
  • To submit a membership report at the Annual Meeting of active members

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